We expect to be inspected. In fact, we look forward to it.

When quality is its own reward, one looks forward to seeing the evidence over and over again. We look for solid proof at every step of the process beginning when materials come in through our doors, and ending only when our end products and services have been satisfactorily received.

Incoming inspections

Material is either inspected as received and placed in stock or suppliers are certified, allowing material to go directly to production or stock.

In-Process Inspection

Production workers are responsible to document critical-to-quality checks according to established quality plans for each part. Inspection documents are retained at each work center where the work is performed and parts are identified as to their status.


All gauges used for documented measuring are calibrated. Outside sources are used as necessary. Gage Track software is used to maintain our calibration database.

Final Inspection

Final inspections are completed and recorded by our Certified Operators. We currently have “certified” finishers that have satisfactorily met all QA requirements on a consistent basis avoiding additional inspection by QA personnel.

First Article

All First Articles are inspected 100% to customer requirements. Written results are forwarded to the customers with the sample parts. Part inspections are made using layout tables, and our Platinum Faro Arm, a portable coordinate measuring system. The Platinum Faro Arm has a 10' working diameter.

Vendor Certification

A plan is in place to establish Vendor certification. We are presently certifying vendor parts with the goal to certify all major vendors for all of their processes.